Automatic generalization of metro maps based on dynamic segmentation

Automatic generalization of metro maps

Abstract: A metro map is usually optimized for the readability of connections and transportation networks structure. In order to assure good readability and meet aesthetic considerations, a set of principles for good metro map layout are proposed. According to these principles, a new methodology based on dynamic segmentation is presented to produce the metro maps automatically. Firstly, routes are constructed according to the line attribute similarity and geometry continuity. Then a set of cartographic generalization methods about the shape, angle, length, and topology are presented for these routes. This method is validated by Beijing metro plan map. From the experiment results, it can be concluded that this new method is more effective than the static segmentation method to produce metro maps with better readability for route plans.

Cite this paper: Dong, W., Tian, Y., & Zhang, Y. (2010). Automatic generalization of metro maps based on dynamic segmentation. Science China Technological Sciences, 53(1), 158-165. DOI:


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